Rainbow Drinks

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We are students of the sixth semester of high school in the Technological Baccalaureate of El Grullo. We are in the final stretch, ready to graduate and go to college. This page is our last step before we can leave, we have been asked to do it for the subject of Applications for internet.

We want to give advice to the next generations that will go through the creation not only of the page, but also of their own company, among other things. Nothing in the world replaces perseverance. The talent does not replace it, because nothing is more current than the intelligent frustrated. The genius either, since the case of ignored geniuses is a topic. Not even education replaces it, because the world is full of well-educated failures. Only the constancy and the decision get everything.

Personally, we can be aware of not having any virtue, we can not stand out for my intelligence, not be especially skilled or not have an enigmatic presence, and yet we have the security of being able to achieve any goal that we set because we are constant and that it guarantees success, sooner or later, with more or less effort, but that we will achieve our goals is not a possibility, it is an absolute reality.

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